food-banner“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


Nutrition and diet are the most basic form of healthcare. Eating healthy food is eating right. However, with the myriad of diets plans out there, what is right for you?

For centuries, Asian nutritionists understood assessing each individual’s dietary needs is vital for achieving sound health. Pulling from fundamental principles in Chinese Herbal Medicine, Great Health’s Nutritionists partner with your employees to design meal ideas that work for them and their unique body chemistry.


Co-Founder, Vernon Speller, received a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition. His career has taken him through corporate America developing his wisdom and stamina. Great Health pulls from these experiences and his understanding of Western food nutrition in creating an effective style of dietary counseling.


Great Health will work to design meal plans that are both healthy and practical for professional lifestyles. Everyone knows it is essential to eat your fruits and vegetables. With Great Health, your employees will learn which ones are best for their specific condition and situation. We will teach how to incorporate conscientious eating into professional lifestyles.


To take full advantage of our nutritional counseling benefits, we recommend bi-weekly visits with our Nutrition Experts. Great Health will conduct initial intake interviews and assess employees’ unique dietary needs. Through continued, follow-up visits we will continue to craft a healthy, functional meal plan. Eating right is the most essential form of healthcare.